Inspired by the multiverse of magic and fantasy, I began designing and creating my own patterns in 2009. Today every item is handcrafted and dyed by me using eco-textiles and low impact dyes in the hills of Oakland, California. Each piece echoes the mystery and enchantment of other worlds while remaining kind to our own. The finely-spun fabrics used are organic and always vegan, focusing on natural fibers that include cotton, bamboo, hemp, and lyocell from sustainably sourced wood. Packaging is also eco-friendly so that everything received is biodegradable, recycled, or otherwise able to be returned to the earth.

  Rather than chase after the current fast fashion trends, Mana Burn favors slower-paced, elegant looks that can be worn whether exploring an unfamiliar land or adventuring a little closer to home. The responsible dyes used in the creation process are vivid and bright to reflect the beauty of the natural world all around us, from jeweled blues to hearth-fire reds and shadowy blacks. Each item is unique and promised to be one-of-a-kind, thanks to being handcrafted and then dyed in small batches. The silhouettes are both feminine and flattering, made for the woman with countless journeys ahead of her.

    My joy is to take the mystique and sense of adventure found in distant worlds and weave it into clothes that fit beautifully and feel even better. While Mana Burn is a clothing line, it’s also more than just that; it’s a gateway to the faraway quests that were always within reach of the woman daring enough to look for them.